National Marionette Theatre brings everything needed to perform our show in your venue. This includes our bridge stage complete with it’s own lighting and sound systems. The venue need only supply two things:


1. CLEAR SPACE: Our stage will be set up on line with your front curtain, or first downstage traveler. From center stage there must be a clear space at least 24 feet wide, 10 feet high and 10 feet deep. “Clear Space” refers not only to the actual floor space, but what is above as well. No overhead pipes or permanent structures lower than 10 feet. Stage curtains that hang lower than 10 feet will present no problem – the puppeteers can pin them up. If your stage is not cleared and swept when the performers arrive to set up the show, they will wait until the custodial staff has finished doing so before they start loading in.


2. ELECTRICITY: There must be at least two (2) 20-amp outlets on separate circuit breakers available to us. Failure to provide this simple requirement might well result in tripping an overloaded circuit breaker during a performance, thereby bringing the production to abrupt and unwelcome halt. To prevent this from happening please have someone who is knowledgeable check the outlets and circuit breakers prior to the performance date, and be on hand when N.M.T arrives at the performance space to show them where the breaker box is and which outlets to use. If there are chairs, desks, stage flats, etc. blocking the outlets be sure they are removed so that the outlets are accessible.


If the performance space happens to be on the second floor, or if there are stairs encountered on the most direct route from the load-in area to the performance space, special arrangements must be made in advance to ensure as smooth a load-in as possible. Of course, it will take longer to load in under these circumstances. If there is an elevator nearby this should not present a problem as nearly all of our gear is designed to fit into a standard-sized passenger elevator.


Barring any problems, the time needed for the company to load in and set up the stage is approximately 1 1/2 hours before the public starts to arrive. After the performance, the same amount of time is needed to disassemble our stage and load it back into our vehicle. What goes up must come down with the same care!














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