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About The Show:

The timeless story brought to life in National Marionette Theatre's own unique style.  Join us as we tell the tale of the puppet Pinocchio and follow him on his quest to become a real boy. Our version of this classic children's tale sticks more closely to the original Collodi story complete with all of the characters we've grown to know and love.  

Recommended for family audiences ages 5 and up.

Running time is 55 minutes


PINOCCHIO was originally published in a serial form as The Story of a Puppet  in the Giornale per i bambini, one of the earliest Italian weekly magazines for children, starting from 7 July 1881. The story stopped after nearly 4 months and 8 episodes at Chapter 15, but by popular demand from readers, the episodes were resumed on 16 February 1882. In February 1883, the story was published in a single book. Since then, the spread of Pinocchio on the main markets for children's books of the time was continuous and uninterrupted, and it was met with enthusiastic reviews worldwide.

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